Trouble in Timbuktu



Ayisha and Ahmed know there is trouble. Something is not right with this American archaeologist and his wife. Supposedly tourists. Why are they so interested in the ancient manuscripts of Timbuktu? Could they really be plotting to steal one? Well, they are more than old manuscripts to Ayisha and Ahmed—they are a rich part of their own heritage. No way are the two teens going to let this happen! They risk everything to stop them, embarking on a desperate quest that takes them across the desert, through a deadly heat, a sweeping sandstorm and finally to the port city of Korioume to confront and trap the wily thieves—and save a treasure of Timbuktu.

Ahmed jumped to his feet, stepping out from behind the termite mound to look where Ayisha was pointing. A sudden ominous silence filled the air. The sky started to turn dark, like the sun had set, but both knew that was not possible. A harmattan dust storm was on its way. One never knew when such a storm would start, for their onsets were sudden and raging.


A cloud of dust was building, eating the sky as it moved forward. The sun, still a distance from setting, was blotted out by the massive red wall of spiraling dust. Ahmed’s white pants began to whip about as he reached for his sister’s hand. “Stay standing,” he shouted. “If we are seated we shall be covered with sand and no one will find us ever again.”